How to leave a good man

How do you leave a good man who loves you? 

How do you leave when he doesn’t hurt 

but, you hurt nevertheless? 

—when he holds you 

but, you keep falling right through his chest? 

—when his words cradle 

but, don’t cause earthquakes? 

—when his promise is a fortress 

but, all you want is home with oceans and skies rushing in through doors and windows wide open? 

—when his love, only loves 

but, does not see. 

—when you know he will stay after breakfast 

but, he will never dwell your secret wells. 

—when he looks at you 


but, you remain a jagged mountain 

because embracing only makes things worse. 

And hope, is only as foolish as fear. 


So you stay hard, 

you stay ugly; 

and you let your life get blown along the currents of Venus and Mars 

while the rest of them throw rocks at your feet, hoping you will get back in line, 

or run. 


But, you stay still. 


You leave him. 


Because, if not, 

he’ll be the death of you 

and worse, 

you, of him.


Image—Lilith by Josh Brandao


Secret woman

Woman, you know,

they both work perfectly well;

the plan: A

and the wild plain.

Him, them and the home

have all been tried and tested-

there are centuries of records

of a kind of happiness;

the kind that breathes even, asleep next to you

at night, at home,

between hard walls and careful doors.

There’s also where the others went;

the wild plains where the wind runs right past your skin

suggesting unthinkable things –

like ‘it’s okay, to be this way’.

The wild plain where there’s only the sky,

the wind, the grass and every person that ever was,

its where you begin to ache that not a single one of them was special-

not even the good ones, after all.

But woman, did you know that you can have them both?

– the plan and the plain.

But, there’s a catch –

here’s what it takes;

no one will ever really see you again.

Between the worlds

you can drift in and out

but darling,

their secret was made with no words to tell.

It’s both burning fireworks of freedom

and oceans of lonely pain.

Woman, do you know which way to take?  


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