What can you do when you like pain?

It’s a bad thing when you like pain,

because then you practice the art of incising your skin 

in ways that leave paper thin cuts that only ever hurt 

but never draw blood;

kind of wounds that only sting, but can never kill a thing.
It’s a good thing when you like pain,

because it’s the thread that runs through our everyday, 

woven into our very grains.

Pain is that unbearably soft thing that holds 

happiness’ frame of reference in place. 

It’s a good thing to know,

on first-name basis, 

it’s a good thing to get comfortable with;

as long as you stay kind to everyone else

and, in the eyes of the law, to yourself.

Photo—Piet Biniek, and



are the smoke of times burnt.

Memories are made of pictures and music- Image source unknown

Memories are made of pictures and music- Image source unknown


On the dot


what if we’re moving in a cross,

and now we’re loving right on the dot?

What if darling, we are only a matter of lines?

Forgive me, I’ve made us things of time;

ticking, expending, dying apart;

clocking out of sync.


You know what I fear really fear the most?

knowing we both have more crossroads

to start all over again.      

Image - Crossroads by WTek79

Image – Crossroads by WTek79


For Lanka

I was there when her children got the disease,

when they cuffed her and pulled her on to her knees,

to swim in the riches in her veins,

running headlong blind and dazed,

they clawed and gnawed at her all.

I was there when it all came down.

I was there,

shaking my head at the ways of the world,

saying nothing, doing nothing,

playing my part.

Good bye, good bye sweet island ma.    

Art by Frederic Edwin Church

Art by Frederic Edwin Church