On the dot


what if we’re moving in a cross,

and now we’re loving right on the dot?

What if darling, we are only a matter of lines?

Forgive me, I’ve made us things of time;

ticking, expending, dying apart;

clocking out of sync.


You know what I fear really fear the most?

knowing we both have more crossroads

to start all over again.      

Image - Crossroads by WTek79

Image – Crossroads by WTek79



So, the world is only a field of dust

of loves, fucks, friendships, dead skin and lusts.

Darling, are you just a speck in the rubble?

So, it’s only an orgy of lost connections,

a webbed grave of little, mass destructions.

Darling am I only a spot lost in the mess?

So, what do we do now?

what about tears?

when we wake up entwined and

perhaps in love,

do we know who else lay on our bed?

It’s raining in our house.

Doesn’t it seem that society is too kind?

For all the easy lies-

like love, sacredness, vows…-

so our brains stay intact and our sanity breathing.

I’m tempted to conform and confine,

just so we can get out of bed and smile

over breakfast and kiss goodbye

thinking we’ll be alone at night.    


Picture origin unknown