Here, now, shine.


handcrafted, artisanal.

Everybody’s every single opinion.

Things unwanted categorically unfollowed.

Legalised, criminalised.

Beautiful, silver feminists; big points missed.

Slow-cooked love, raw food, free music.

Immortally tagged;

smart, lukewarm in Helvetica font.    

Picture by Yulia Krivich


Now ones

We were born today;

give us life in a nutshell;

heartbreak, freedom, sex, love and intoxication-

give it all in a nutshell.

Easy, compact, fast, summed-up before the dust rush.

What we want is not to feel,

but to have a great story to tell a stranger at a bar

in exchange for a fuck where we wake up a superstar.


Picture by Veronica Krause

Picture by Veronica Krause


Young things

A photograph.

There were drops of poem in the afternoon air,

young beasts only wanting us to see

the wars clashing somewhere underneath –

their secret diamond mines unseen.

What beauties

with the sweetest lie

shining in their hair.  

Picture - Alex Prager, Susie & Friends

Picture – Alex Prager, Susie & Friends



are the smoke of times burnt.

Memories are made of pictures and music- Image source unknown

Memories are made of pictures and music- Image source unknown


On the dot


what if we’re moving in a cross,

and now we’re loving right on the dot?

What if darling, we are only a matter of lines?

Forgive me, I’ve made us things of time;

ticking, expending, dying apart;

clocking out of sync.


You know what I fear really fear the most?

knowing we both have more crossroads

to start all over again.      

Image - Crossroads by WTek79

Image – Crossroads by WTek79