I like to make you watch me cry

I like to make you watch me cry.

I like to go somewhere unseeing, unhearing

of ‘darlings’, ‘tell me what’s wrongs’

and other sweet nothings

—a place so far that you can’t save me from drowning.

I like to go there and cry,

while you watch helpless

as salt mountains crumble

and roll down my cheeks.


I like to make you watch me cry

quietly in a sort of everyday horror

while we sit at the table in silence

as if what we’re eating is just dinner.


I like to make you watch me cry

because it takes out my pain and all its pieces,

lays them out in a live exhibition

that you have no choice but to comment on after.


I like to make you watch me cry,

because after that game we just played

where you take the things you love and tear them,

darling, I’m feeling cruelfaced.


Image—photography by Rosanna Jones


What went wrong


when you ask my long face

‘what’s wrong?’

– where to begin,

I don’t know;

Just now? Yesterday?

Nineteen ninety four?


the day I was born?


Aqua de Noche, Amy Friend 2010


Blue boy

Sit by me my blue child,

I’m harder than that

so I just might

be able to trump your woes

with mine.

Lay by me my blue boy,

what hurts out there is bigger

than what our hearts hold;

do you see the pain in the ocean waves?

it’s more than what my eyes can take.

Look up with me my sweet blue

-see those stars pierce right through

things we clutch to our awed mortal cores

as real, as truth;

like time, like life and like

things that make us rush through

this beam of being we’re in for

just an atom of a night.

Cry with me my blue love

because the night is bluer than your heart

and still more dimmer than my marrow

– worthy of all the sorrow that our tears

could ever draw.  

Image- Olympus tlcsystems

Image- Olympus tlcsystems


Worst things

It’s the worst thing

when you have to hold on

to someone because you should.

It’s the worst thing

when you see that nothing lasts

regardless of good,


or other recommended things.

It’s never good when

everything is better than approximated

but into time,

into liberty

you still see icy water.

It’s pretty bad to know

that the whether had nothing to do with

the way you feel-

It’s not so bad to think

that it is only just chemistry working.

It’s not too good when

the evening seems pointless from all angles,

It’s worst when

even a sunset too orange burns your tender skin

and topples your heart to break.

But, the worst of all is

that it’s only the worst thing,

never the last.  

Image by Arslan Ahmedov