Because we’re all satellites

Because we’re satellites

set free in motion by the want of life,


we drift,

we encounter,

we love,

we fall under.

We collide,

we cry.

We drift apart,

and fly far out

until the leagues in between 

dissolve the ugly,

and aurify the pain.






When the satellites cross again—

as if by chance,

as if new,

as if it was meant to…


As if.


Until then.



Image—Orbit by Kate Banazi


To the little Southern girl on the beach: Part two

It’s alright, catch your breath.

You’ve run so far, she can’t see your pain;

Your little friend- the prettier one

with scar-less skin

and a face that peaked too soon to kill

a human heart.


Babe, have you ever heard of the tale

of a little, ugly duckling that lived by a lake?

It’s true.

I’ve seen it living, breathing by a convent wall,

at a dancing class, a high school fair, and at last

growing between two little girls in the seaside South.


You know babe,

legends are made from truth,

flesh and clay.

How do you think

I know your story

so well?


Don’t worry little duck, you’ll do fine,

because pain teaches delicate things.

But, her…she’ll die a slow death in her heart.


In warped time and place

I’ve seen her married to an idea’s face and boredom,

because she never knew beauty’s labour.



Image – Dayanita Singh, Gayle and sister, Goa 2000/2005. Deutsche Bank Collection ©


Secret woman

Woman, you know,

they both work perfectly well;

the plan: A

and the wild plain.

Him, them and the home

have all been tried and tested-

there are centuries of records

of a kind of happiness;

the kind that breathes even, asleep next to you

at night, at home,

between hard walls and careful doors.

There’s also where the others went;

the wild plains where the wind runs right past your skin

suggesting unthinkable things –

like ‘it’s okay, to be this way’.

The wild plain where there’s only the sky,

the wind, the grass and every person that ever was,

its where you begin to ache that not a single one of them was special-

not even the good ones, after all.

But woman, did you know that you can have them both?

– the plan and the plain.

But, there’s a catch –

here’s what it takes;

no one will ever really see you again.

Between the worlds

you can drift in and out

but darling,

their secret was made with no words to tell.

It’s both burning fireworks of freedom

and oceans of lonely pain.

Woman, do you know which way to take?  


Image by

Image by



All the truth of eternity lie in the glimmers of everyday.  


Picture – Yanomami Shaman National Geographic