Twenty-seven year bore

Ma, I’ve seen these dreams before,

from afar and terrifyingly up-close.

Seen them lived, shaken and faked,

fought for and perfectly dead;

their safety, their surety, their script

their sanity, their reality, their conceit-

I’m sorry but it’s been nothing more

but a twenty-seven year bore.


Even the truths of prophets

become unremarkable wrongs

if the taste of their proving has been

left unsavoured for long.


So when the hurricane comes flying by,

I will  get swept along,

to relearn every meaninglessness

to turn their rubbish to gold

and the weight of everything forgotten

drags me to the centre of earth.


I will return swimming in wounds

just to assure you

that, the thing we both secretly wondered about

is really true.


Photo - Jimmy McIntyre

Photo – Jimmy McIntyre