Utopia at ten thirty am

There is one single minute in the late morning

that mankind can be loved during.

It comes around ten thirty when the air is light and creamy

and the city is awake

but it’s not hungry yet.

The children are set to work with men

the sounds the machines squeak are earnest

and the human device becomes beauty.


Utopia is born.


Come ten thirty one,

a shadow shifts to the morning

and crows take over everything



Eden can only live a minute.


Image by Laurent Van Assche


Night bank

Turn away now.

Go far places darling,

from the night bank.

On the shores of the aquamarine morning

meet me,

to pick up together, all the treasures

and all the bones washed up between diamonds and sand.

Fall now, my love, from the night bank.    

Picture – Sleeping Woman by Man Ray 1929