An important deduction

Love, let’s break us down,

into logical things, into probable things.

Let’s ask why our paths crossed behind the stadium that night

and how much magic your mouth put into mine when they wound up.

Let’s be ruthless for once, and analyse how far we can make

it might save us in the end.


I’ve had dreams where I see your back melting into a crowded place

You didn’t mean to- I know,

life just dragged you along the riptide.

It happens.

All it takes is, nothing.


If you go,

there’s one good thing for me.

I will be free to become the worst thing

to walk this Earth.

I can let go the ugly thing in me

and let it burn every beautiful thing down to the ground

hounding town after town.

If you go,

that’s the plan.

Always have a plan.


I will consume us. Isn’t that what the astrologer said anyway?

-that I’ll bring your end?

But, you’re still here.


I’m still here.


If you stay…

I don’t really care much about anything else then…

everything goes. I’ll even grow a traveller’s palm in our garden.

But, for how long, my love?

If nothing else breaks us, our own bodies will-

we are a treacherous species.


Love, what would we do with ‘forever’?


Image – Minna Keene, Pomegranates 1906. Royal Photographic Society


2 thoughts on “An important deduction

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