Post women’s day

The registrar said

that it’s better for a man

to sign as my witness;


well…, he’s a man.


So as father puffed his sweet chest

and strutted to shake wrists,

I saw you shuffle to fish

the nice pen

out of your bag.


You nodded and smiled ‘yes’

like every good woman;

but did your heart crumple?

I couldn’t really tell –

am I overthinking again Ma?


You held on to the signed documents

with a grip as certain as earth,

faithful not to let me fall.

It ate my heart up

in spite of the fuss around us all.


Although it shrivelled me ugly

in my fat, florid dress,

you never felt as lovely

as you did when you side-witnessed

my wedding day Ma.  



Image- Postcard. Neurdein et Cie. Paris, France, early 20th century. Paper, printed. Collection of Yeshiva University Museum (2006.232).




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