Like some things

Like all sad things –

the sky, ocean and the colour blue –

it’s only natural to be in pieces

even while shaking hands

and smiling, agreeing to plausible things that people say.


Like all lone things – like

mountains, wildcats and sandpipers,

it’s alright to sit empty for long durations.


Like some forgotten things- like

the stars, it’s okay be only a part

of their thickest dreams

in the undercurrent of today.


Image by Lionel Wendt

Image by Lionel Wendt


7 thoughts on “Like some things

  1. “Like all sad things…it’s only natural to be in pieces.” How true. I do so enjoy a poem that encourages me to see a whole new perspective. I would have never put the sky and ocean (maybe blue) in the category of ‘sad things’ but you showed me a new way of seeing.

  2. That last stanza just floored me, “their thickest dreams” and the “undercurrent of today” you have an amazing way of capturing a thing with competing ideas that makes it palpable and real. This is fantastic!

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