Standard deviation

It’s pretty standard

to be able to have no good conversation

with more than one person.


It’s pretty standard to fall deep

into the holes on empty walls

between talk.


It’s pretty standard to drift into minds

through their Friday-night faces

like the slow takeover of potassium permanganate in water;

only to stumble on sad giants

behind the careless compositions.


It’s pretty standard to see

smoke rising from the masses

in wisps of dusty regret on

minuscule things we never confess

or turn to face.


It’s pretty standard to catch yourself

slipping far too often

in the homeless spaces

between words

in conversation.


It’s pretty standard to get

at least eight ice-cream headaches

per each small-talk, per each occasion.


It’s pretty standard to see others

lost and caught in the frost

but be too cold to reach

to touch a heart’s nest.


Image by Jared Fowler

Image by Jared Fowler


3 thoughts on “Standard deviation

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  2. One More Shot Please says:

    This was a beautiful piece. Great work! Looking forward to reading more! Take a look at some of my poetry. I would like some tips and poetry advice.

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