Blue boy

Sit by me my blue child,

I’m harder than that

so I just might

be able to trump your woes

with mine.

Lay by me my blue boy,

what hurts out there is bigger

than what our hearts hold;

do you see the pain in the ocean waves?

it’s more than what my eyes can take.

Look up with me my sweet blue

-see those stars pierce right through

things we clutch to our awed mortal cores

as real, as truth;

like time, like life and like

things that make us rush through

this beam of being we’re in for

just an atom of a night.

Cry with me my blue love

because the night is bluer than your heart

and still more dimmer than my marrow

– worthy of all the sorrow that our tears

could ever draw.  

Image- Olympus tlcsystems

Image- Olympus tlcsystems


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