Ugly mirror

All you wanted to be

was one those girls;

the ones whose lips hang

pouting from their lovely

pointed chins-

ever ready to kiss;

and their hairs always tangled

in midnight wind

calling them astray and hearts to disarray,

but gladly forgiven

because their cheeks burn too red;

whose bodies so delicate,

tight and cherished,

and made only to

be loved and buried;

whose tales haunted

every mirror you were reflected in.

You wanted so bad, to be one

of those girls who

tragically never knew

how beautiful she is;

but in the reflection

between the carefully arranged perfection

you still see

the wide-eyed, staring,

clumsy faced thing.


Image by Vasya Kolotusha

Image by Vasya Kolotusha


3 thoughts on “Ugly mirror

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  2. danielsykes716 says:

    The Evil Queen looked into the mirror and yelled who is responsible for this reflection, there is someone out there who is too fair, be it beauty that would enchant such manner as would be perfect company, such beckoned to my command would another be so free?.

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